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Tissue Microarray Instruments

IHC World offers full range of tissue microarray devices and equipments for constructing tissue microarrays. EZ-TMA Manual Tissue Microarray Kits are designed for constructing small number of paraffin tissue microarrays in the easiest way. Our Arraymold Kits allow you to constructing up to 40 paraffin or frozen tissue microarrays manually. Quick-Ray Molds allow users to make TMA paraffin recipient blocks at low cost and the core sizes of each mold is perfectly match with the Quick-Ray Manual TMA Punchers. Quick-Ray Manual Tissue Microarrayera device manufactured with the latest state-of-the art technology, allow researchers to build high quality, low cost tissue arrays in an innovative way. The new generation Quick-Ray Automated Tissue Microarrayer has convenience with a touch screen LCD monitor to build tissue microarrays in a quick and innovative way. AutoTiss Arrayer is one of the most innovative invention, compact and fully automatic.

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