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Quick-Ray Tissue Microarray System

Quick-Ray Manual Tissue Microarrayera device manufactured with the latest state-of-the art technology, allow researchers to build high quality, low cost tissue arrays in an innovative way. The Quick-Ray Kit is handy, portable, simple, and easy to use so one can create various sized tissue microarrays in a very short period of time.

Quick-Ray Mold is an alternative solution for user to prepare the recipient blocks. Made from silicon material, The Quick-Ray Mold allows users to make paraffin recipient blocks quickly and easily t a lower cost. The core sizes of each mold is perfectly match with Quick-Ray Manual Tissue MicroarrayerIf stored and handed with care, hundreds of paraffin recipient blocks can be produced by the Quick-Ray Mold.

The Quick Ray Master UATM-272B is a newly developed tissue microarrayer running by simply connecting to user's computer through USB port. The instrument is running with the unique UNITMA S/W based on Window7 of user's PC. The changeable tips for the desired core size of the recipient blocks has 4 different sizes which are 1mm(120 holes), 1.5mm(90 holes), 2mm(60 holes), and 3mm(30 holes). UATM-272B is designed to be smarter than UATM-272A but it is very easy for users to be familiar with the instrument.

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