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EZ-TMA Manual Tissue Microarray Kits

Tissue Microarrays (TMAs) are becoming important tool for cancer research and drug discovery. However, current instruments for constructing tissue arrays are expensive, complex and often require specialized technical training. IHC World is now introducing a new series of EZ-TMATMTissue Microarray Kits that can be applied to any laboratory for constructing tissue arrays without the need of specialized equipment, offering a good alternative for the wider application of tissue arrays.

Our EZ-TMATM Kit contains pre-made paraffin recipient block and disposable biopsy punch needles with plunger and it is the easiest, most convenient and less expensive kit available for constructing paraffin tissue microarrays.

With our EZ-TMATM Kit, one can construct a tissue array block in minutes, simply by punching the donor tissue cores and insert to the pre-made paraffin recipient block. It’s easy, fast and no specific technical training or experience is needed.

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