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APAF1 IHC Antibody



Product Description


Apoptotic peptidase activating factor 1, also known as APAF1, is a protein which in humans is encoded by the APAF1 gene. This gene is mapped to chromosome 12q23. It encodes a cytoplasmic protein that initiates apoptosis. And it is an essential downstream effector of p53-mediated apoptosis.This protein contains several copies of the WD40 repeat domain, a caspase recruitment domain (CARD), and an ATPase domain (NB-ARC). In the presence of cytochrome c and dATP, APAF1 assembles into an oligomeric apoptosome, which is responsible for activation of procaspase-9 and maintenance of the enzymatic activity of processed caspase-9. Furthermore, APAF1 is inactivated in metastatic melanomas, leading to defects in the execution of apoptotic cell death. Additionally, APAF1 has been shown to interact with NLRP1,5 Caspase-9, APIP, BCL2-like 1, and HSPA4.

Catalog Number



9 ml






Rabbit IgG


A synthetic peptide corresponding to a sequence at the N-terminal of human APAF1, identical to the related rat and mouse sequence.


Immunogen affinity purified.



Species Reactivity

Human, mouse, rat. Not tested in other species.

Positive Control

Rat brain

Cellular Localization



Ready to use solution in PBS with stabilizer and 0.01% sodium azide. No further dilution needed. Serum blocking step should be omitted.


Store at 2-8 °C. Do not freeze.


IHC-P: Heat induced epitope retrieval (HIER) is required on formalin fixed paraffin embedded sections.

IHC-Fr: Not tested.

ICC: Not tested.


This product is intended for Research Use Only. Interpretation of the test results is solely the responsibility of the user.


Users should follow general laboratory precautions when handling this product. Wear personal protective equipment to avoid contact with skin and eyes.


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