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Histology Human Tissue Slides, 50 pcs/set



Product Description

Basic Medical Histology Set

This excellent collection of 50 slides taken from human tissues is an excellent resource for instruction at the high school, college and graduate levels. Most organ systems and tissues are represented.

Please note the selection of 50 slides below.

1 Simple columnar epithelium

2 Stratified pavement epithelium

3 Simple cuboidal epithelium

4 Human blood s.m.

5 Bone marrow s.m

6 Loose connective tissue

7 Adipose tissue

8 Hyaline cartilage

9 Fibrocartilage

10 Elastic cartilage

11 Human skin section through sweat gland

12 Human skin section through hair follicle

13 Separation mounting of smooth muscle

14 Smooth muscle, c.s. and long section

15 Separation mounting of skeletal muscle

16 Cardiac muscle, sec. (hematine)

17 Feeler body

18 Cerebrum, sec.

19 Cerebellum, sec.

20 Heart sec.

21 Large artery, sec.

22 Vena cava section

23 Spleen, sec.

24 Thymus, sec.

25 Tonsil, sec.

26 Thyroid, sec.

27 Epithelial body

28 Adrenal gland, sec.

29 Tongue, l.s. (shows internal structure, pictured above)

30 Esophagus, c.s.

31 Stomach wall, sec.

32 Small intestine, c.s.

33 Colon, sec.

34 Appendix, sec.

35 Salivary gland, sec

36 Liver, sec.

37 Trachea, c.s.

38 Lung, c.s.

39 Kidney, sec.

40 Metanephric duct, c.s.

41 Testis, sec.

42 Epididymis, sec.

43 Deferent duct, c.s.

44 Ovaries, sec.

45 Womb, sec.

46 Fallopian tube, c.s.

47 Vagina, sec.

48 Placenta, sec.

49 Pituitary, sec.

50 Bone grinding, sec

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